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Who Is Responsible for Making the Decision to Use Video Replays in Soccer (VAR)?


The Video Assistant Referee VAR has transformed the world of soccer by adding an extra layer of scrutiny and precision to matches. But who is accountable for adopting this technology, and how does it affect the game? Let us go into the details.

What Is Video Assistant Referee?

The Video Assistant Referee is a match official in association football who supports the on-field referee by examining video footage. The VAR’s primary responsibility is to remedy “clear and obvious errors” and resolve “serious missed incidents” that occur during a match. It serves as an extra set of eyes, able to review problematic occurrences in real time.

How Does VAR Work?

  1. 1 Review Process
  • The VAR and assistant video assistant referees (AVARs) automatically check every decision falling under four reviewable categories:
  • Goal/no goal
  • Penalty/no penalty
  • Direct red card
  • Mistaken identity in awarding a red or yellow card.
  • The VAR may perform a “silent check,” communicating to the referee that no mistake was made, without causing any delay to the game.
  • At other times, a VAR check may cause a brief delay while the VAR determines whether a possible mistake occurred
  1. 2 Communication
  • After reviewing TV replays, the VAR communicates their opinion to their counterpart inside the stadium via an earpiece worn by match officials.
  • The referee on the pitch then signals as usual for the decision or makes a rectangle shape with their hands to indicate an on-field review or that the original decision has been changed.

VAR’s Impact

  • Accuracy: VAR aims to minimize errors and enhance the accuracy of crucial decisions, such as goals, penalties, and red cards.
  • Controversy: While VAR has improved decision-making, it remains a topic of debate among fans, players, and coaches. Some argue that it disrupts the flow of the game, while others appreciate its role in ensuring fairness.


The responsibility for implementing VAR lies with football’s governing bodies, including FIFA and national associations. As technology continues to evolve, VAR’s influence on the beautiful game will undoubtedly remain a hot topic of discussion.

Remember, whether you’re a fan, player, or coach, VAR is here to stay, shaping the future of soccer one replay at a time.

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