What exactly is rollover bet

Rollover predictions on Amazing Stakes are assumed; a bet that helps you building your earning rolling gradually with the aid of our experts, guidance and betting tips. When you start with tips of 1.30 odds provided continuously for a period of 6 days and after the sixth day, you are required to withdraw your capital and profits.

This means we expect our users to pull out their winnings immediately after their sisxth win in a row. In this scheme, we provide odds within the range of 1.30 – 2.00 odds.

Football Investment Scheme

Our investment scheme is designed to help you maximize your profits while minimizing your risks. With our expert guidance and personalized advice, you can make smart investments and achieve your financial goals.

In this scheme, we provide odds within the range of 1.70 – 2.50 odds. Our strategies can do more to your net worth. Through proper bankroll management, we can turn a starting balance of $100 into over $2000 in 60 days. But to most people, this investment strategy takes ‘too long’ because of the need for instant gratification.

Millionaire Accumulator

Are they fixed matches? No!

What exactly is the millinaire accumulator prediction?

Millionaire accumulator is a prediction with high odds starting from 10 odds and over 200 odds depending on availablity of matches. With millionaire accumulator, you'll have the advantage to win a high payout if you've placed a bet but very risky to bet on.

Expert Accumulator

Football betting can be really frustrating at times. When you analyse a match, go through their previous matches and scrutinize the standings table, you will have the certainty that one of the teams will obviously win or draw. After spending so much of time analysing, the team end up loosing the match.

If you are tired of loosing money in football betting

Let Expert Blessed guide you to victory with the best football tips selection of the day!

Fixed Betting

This system is based on betting a fixed amount on every wager. For example, if you have a $500 bankroll then you could bet $100 on 5 times. The key is that you will bet $100 every time rather than make bets at different amounts. If you win more than you lose then this could be an effective strategy. It would be very important to win at a 55% rate or better if your goal is to build up your bankroll. This strategy might help keep you from losing too much money at once. However, it also limits your potential winnings when you do select a winner.

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