The Best Football Betting Systems

An Expert Strategy Guide

Sports betting tips and strategies from expert that will help you learn how to win money on football betting.

How To Win at football Betting

Most of us are under the impression that everyone betting on football win every of their bets, this isn’t actually true. Everyone knows that the bookmaker has an advantage than football bettors lose. However, what if the bettor always had the advantage?

It is not possible.

This are one of the reasons you have to trust on football predictions websites. Amazingstakes is a good place to start. We analyze the games, looking at past form, player fitness, and how teams are set up. We also explains to you how to win football bets better than any other football predictions sites can ever do. We give you the best possible information out there in order for you to develop your own personal Football Betting Strategy that works for you.

What you need to know before placing a bet

Football betting is incredibly risky. First of all, there is a big chance that you lose all the money you play with. According to a study by the Harvard Medical School, only 13% of sports bettors are long-term winners. So apriori you have 87% chance of being a losing bettor and of losing all your betting money in the long term.
Luckily, there are ways to hedge your exposure. They lead to a strategy called football Betting Arbitrage. You can either do it, or combine it with more volatile strategy, to find the risk/return profile that suits you best. While Arbitrage is one of the few low-risk strategies in betting, there are still a bunch of things you need to be careful about, so make sure to educate yourself about does before getting started.

5 things to know

1. Know your favourite team inside out

It's not just about which football team has won their last six games but how well they have really played offensively and defensively. Were they good at keeping possession or were they lucky?

2. The favourite team doesn't always win

This seems obvious to point out but it is difficult for any punter to ignore the price bookies have given. A good example? When Manchester City took on Wolverhampton Wanderers at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester, Sun 6 Oct 2019, bookmakers had Manchester City as the heavy favourite.

3. Don't just stick to one bookmaker

Yes! This is a competitive sector, you can bet on different options which may not be available on other bookmakers and also you get bonuses which may not require money from your pocket.

4. The fewer selections, the better

If you do enough research, you should feel relatively safe betting on one selection. But trebles usually offer a decent return if you really do want a higher payout.

5. Don't bet with your heart

Avoid important events like derby games. The unpredictable element is magnified because there's more at stake and players may elevate themselves for that extra degree of honour and pride. If you must bet on these events, consider the other markets. They probably won't beat the table leaders but could they get a goal? Result and both teams to score could be a more sensible bet.